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Maritime history of Padstow

Padstow a seaport situated in the Estuary of the river Camel. The port is about 1 mile inland  from the North Cornish Coast, exposed to the wild Celtic Sea/Atlantic Ocean.

The town nestles in what was an inlet on the western bank of the estuary. Before of the development of the port the tidal inlet reached the south gates of the church of St Petroc. It is a fact that the subsoil on which the houses are built is alluvial deposit containing, mud, sea sand and containing sea shells. The inlet is defined by two parallel low cliff faces running roughly West - East.

The 14th century church of St Petroc bears the name of Petroc an Irish missionary who is claimed crossed the Celtic Sea in a coracle ?

The Estuary aka (The Harbour in 19th century)

Notes on the estuary

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