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Object Research

This page contains images of artefacts that we hold and on which we would like more information.

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These came from the roof space of a cottage in Port Isaac, they could be 100 years old.

There are obvious markings  -  PL  crudely scratched in and numbers stamped clearly on one boot and some numbers less so on the other.

Could 1916 be a date ?  age solved if that is the case.  Could be linked to WW 1  -  

plenty of all kinds of boots in circulation during and after the war.

Now we share pictures and see if anyone comes up with the answers.

Leather boot1.jpgInscription 1

Leather boot 2a.jpgInscription 2

This item was found on the foreshore at Harlyn Bay recently. We are unsure as to what it is, it is made a soft metal not Brass,bronze or aluminium,possibility it could be pewter or other metal. It was considered to be a bell of some sort, heavily encrusted with concretion having been in salt laden sand for some considerable time. It is a flattened dome shape and contained a clapper. The Cross emblazoned on it would suggest it has a religious connotation.

Suggestion would be welcome