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Tommy Morrissey

Fisherman and Painter

Tommy Morrissey Fisherman & Painter

Know as Tom to his friends,was a very gentle man, a real local character, who was respected and loved by the local residents.

He was always seen to be walking around the quay, talking to everybody, including the visitors, he was a mine of information on local matters, the fishing industry, and weather.

He worked for many years taking fishing trips in his beloved boat “Girl Maureen”, a converted RNLI lifeboat originally stationed at …………

Tom spoke with a very gentle East Anglian accent which was part of his charm. He came here as part of a fishing family in the heyday of Padstow’s fishing industry, he served in the Navy during the second world war.

One of his great loves was to paint, his skills were put to good use in painting registration and names on the local boats, as a secondary skill he painted Local scenes, and  many pictures of various ships these were amazingly detailed, it is said he only used left over paint from the everyday painting of the local boats


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