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War Memorabilia

The collection is mainly based around WWII, but there are a small number of items and photos appertaining to pre WWII times.

WWI is dealt with in our separate


WWI Padstow file

Throughout the history of Padstow there has always been a requirement to protect Padstow and the estuary from sea borne intruders.

Padstow was bombed during WW II The most notable damage caused at Tudor Court in New St, where two houses were demolished and many others damaged.

The Estuary was heavily fortified during WW II as a defence against German invasion the shallow sandy beaches would have been ideal, these were mined and wired, and an explosive boom was fixed between Stepper Point and Pentire Head, with ex-naval guns at Gun Point on the estuary

A copy of the defence map is held by the museum.

Evidence of the German intent to use these beaches has come to light in recently released documentation.

Padstow was of considerable importance during wartime as one of a few navigable ports for shipping defence on this part of the Cornish Coast.

American troops (Engineer Regiment) were based at Prideaux Place  in readiness for the invasion in 1944 sadly many of these lost their lives on D-Day

More images from WWI

PP Yanks1944.Spp Servicemen from Padstow

The Two pictures below show US Troops enjoying Mayday Celebrations  at Prideaux Place Padstow in 1944 some of these can be seen in the third photo of a group of these US Troops on this page

WWII Reminiscences

by Local people